We want to meet our clients and one way we do this is to regularly organise client evenings, inviting you to come and meet with us, have lunch or dinner, experience an hotel yourself and for us to have the chance to talk in relaxed surroundings.

Please contact us if there is a venue that you would like to visit either as an individual or with a group.
Every month we independently evaluate a large number of hotels and conference venues using post-event feedback from our clients, our own scheduled site visits and by visiting hotels with our clients.

Our knowledge and the number of hotels evaluated is ever growing (and this includes a re-evaluation programme too). We do, however, always recommend that clients undertake a site visit themselves as personal taste and preferences cannot always be put into words.

We can arrange those site visits on your behalf and accompany you if you would like us to. There is no charge for us to accompany you (UK) and we can offer the benefit of our own experiences alongside your own.
We recognise that many of our clients are experienced event organisers themselves and have experience of holding conferences in a wide range of venues, therefore, we like to keep our clients updated. We produce a monthly e-newsletter detailing the latest hotel openings, industry news, hotel refurbishments, special rate offers and “spotlight” a different venue each month.
The idea of the Conference Clinic came from our desire to share information with our clients and for them to share their experiences and thoughts with us.

Members of the m.d.e.m team locate themselves in either a clients office (and bring in catering) or in a function room of a hotel local to clients offices and make themselves available to clients throughout the day.

We sometimes run short presentations, but generally these “clinics” work best as an open day, allowing clients to spend as much or as little time with us as suits their day and as benefits them.