How we make life easy…

Contracted Spend Management
m.d.e.m recognises that corporate annual event and conference spend represents a percentage of any companies budget and, as a strategically appointed partner, we work proactively to support client’s financial and service objectives.

When operating within the framework of a contract our focus is maximised and our operation becomes more tactical.

We are also aware, however, that some companies operate without a conference and events contract in place and that for some companies the tendering of a conference and events contract, or the appointment of a supplier in this area is not high priority.

We have a unique solution providing immediate benefits and realistic analysis of any company’s requirements to identify the need (or not) for a contract.
Management Information System
Easy Transitions
Straight Forward Commercial Benefits
m.d.e.m has a complete Management Information System designed to report and track budget and spend and to record trends.

Parameters are planned to suit client’s criteria for reporting purposes and to provide information crucial to our own account management.

Examples of our standard reports are :
Cumulative spend
Year on year spend comparison
Forward order
Spend by group / cost centre / event title / booker
Departmental spend
Spend by hotel chain / group
Client satisfaction statistics
Our system has been designed with flexibility and responsiveness in mind and we are able to alter or create new reports and instigate changes with almost immediate effect.

Our reports are generally presented to clients at monthly or quarterly review meetings, but we are also able to export this information directly to clients electronically in most formats.
We are experienced with working both as a replacement supplier and as a new supplier in a new supply area. We understand that our role throughout our appointment is a proactive one and crucially at the beginning of a new appointment we must invest time, effort and energy to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Our Key Account Managers are committed to supporting client’s policies, managing, maximising and reducing spend and to ensuring high quality service and financial delivery.
Guaranteed savings in terms of time
Guaranteed demonstrable financial savings
Additional, full support of existing policies
Budget management (maximising and reducing spend)
A guaranteed ethical and principled approach to representing our clients, their employees and their brand
A truly financially unbiased approach to venue research. We do not rate venues on the percentage of commission paid nor on the speed of payment
Guaranteed confidentiality of all information
Event planning, venue research, negotiating, venue liaison and management reporting are without charge